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Sweeten Up Your Makeup Routine with 5pcs Lollipop Candy Crystal Brushes Set

On sale! $24.99 CAD


Achieve flawless makeup looks with this 5pcs Lollipop Candy Crystal Makeup Brushes Set. Made of high-quality materials, these brushes are soft and pleasing to the skin, providing superb ability to hold powder. The colorful brush hair is fashionable and attractive, adding a touch of fun to your makeup routine. These delicate and small brushes are perfect for applying makeup around your eyes, cheeks, lips, and other small parts of your face.

To maintain the brushes, we recommend cleaning them regularly with lukewarm water and mild soap, then rinsing thoroughly and letting them air dry.

Please note that the images may be slightly different from the actual product color due to screen resolution and brightness.

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