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What is Molang?

Molang is an (originally) genderless, adorable and lovable pig-rabbit character created by Yoon Hye-Ji, a Korean character designer. She specifically wanted Molang to have no gender so she can let Molang wear any clothes she wants or give Molang any type of look! However, when introduced to the English audiences, she had to give Molang a gender and she picked male.

Why was Molang made?

Molang was born from Yoon Hye-Ji's love of rabbits. She drew them over and over again, and wanted to make one that was both simple and pretty! (He was not created for commercial purposes). Generally, Hye-Ji received inspiration from Pinterest and other online shopping websites. Whenever she bought a character herself from one of these sites, she'd ask herself why she was buying it - a great source of inspiration to her!

Why is it named "Molang"?

The name "Molang" comes from a Korean word pronounces "Malang" which means "squeezy and soft"! Something he definitely looks like he'd be <3. Her 6 year old cousin initially gave the character the name of "Malang" but she changed it so it sounded more like a name.

molang stoic bathWho is Molang as a character?

Hye-Ji wanted Molang to represent her own personality. He likes to do whatever he wants, eat, and relax. He is very friendly and heartwarming, even though you sometimes can't tell from his stoic facial expression.



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